Fullhouse Entertainment Network´s main product is a short form entertainment package featuring in-house productions along with a wide variety of international entertainment.

Fullhouse has been developing and producing mobile-television content since 2005 in co-operation with mobile operators, mobile phone
manufacturers and television networks.

Fullhouse Enertainment Network, or F.E.N. is a mobile-tv “channel” that can be purchased. It consists of short form entertainment series, that are for the most part comedic in nature. We have divided the contents into two categories: So-called “normal programs” and the ones that can be viewed also without sound. This is done for the end users convenience.

Our channel is meant for people who look for short, funny and professional content on their cellphones. Maximum length of an episode is roughly 5 minutes and the minimum is about a minute.

Season 2009 includes - among other things - sketch and stand up comedy, family entertainment and an original edutainment series
in addition to a selection of hand-picked choices totaling up to 8 hours of entertainment.




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