The CEO Riku Suokas is the main owner of the company and works as the artistic director and CEO of the TTT-Theatre of Tampere, one of the biggest theatres in Finland, employing over 300 people per year, with an annual budget exceeding 8 million euros. Mr. Suokas is also a director, actor, writer, producer and one of the most successful standup comedians in the country.

Terttu Krogell has 35 years of experience in television work as an associate producer and a production manager.

Ilpo Murtovaara has been working as a television producer and a documentary film maker with over a hundred TV programs to his credit. His field of experience also includes international co-productions, commercial videos, work as a journalist and consulting production houses.

Rich Lyons is an American screenwriter, actor, musician and a well known standup comedian, who has worked at Universal Studios as an actor.

Heikki Syrjä is a screenwriter, who has written several television series, stage and radio plays and has also co-written feature films.




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